Posted by: Kristen Ridley | September 1, 2010

Ode to a communicator

PoetryOkay, so I’m not Sylvia Plath! But, I’m sure as heck not gonna commit suicide over my job either, so I figure bad poetry’s the next best option for catharsis.

Here then, my “Ode to a Communicator”:


Oh, the life of a communicator:
Yes, it’s quite a place!
If you’re looking to sign up for this,
You’d better pray for grace!

The things that we must deal with,
Day in, and too, day out!
Include the fact we never have
Decision-making clout.

And patience too! The kind like Job,
You’d better cultivate.
Cause when you need approvals back,
Assume they WILL be late.

You’ll write a really awesome draft,
That’s honest, sharp and clear.
But, the version they’ll send back to you,
Will make your eyeballs tear.

They’ll want you to add buzzwords,
Like “synergy” and “leverage”
And while smiling on the outside,
You’d kill for an alcoholic beverage!

And politics – Ah, politics!
The wrangling never stops.
So, you must somehow figure out,
Which one of them’s the tops!

“So, why would you put up with this?”
Perhaps you’ll want to ask me.
I know it seems that all I’ve done
Is shriek just like a Banshee.

But sometimes when the stars align,
And everyone agrees
The messaging is perfect
And there’s light there through the trees.

So, hope does spring eternal
And communicators pray,
That someday we will all agree,
On what the hell to say!

Feel free to add your own stanza, should you be so inclined! I bet we could really have some fun with this.



  1. […] Editor’s note: should you wish to see a [marginally] better example of my delusions of poetic talent, consider seeing the earlier post – Ode to a Communicator […]

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