Posted by: Kristen Ridley | June 19, 2013

Laughter [or is it sarcasm?] is the best medicine? Collection of oldies but goodies

blue smileyI’m feeling a touch blue today, because a friend is moving away, and while the reason for that move is a great new job, I’m always a little sad when friends go away. In looking for something to perk up my mood, I looked through my tags, and found my personal favourite posts that I wrote with my tongue firmly in my cheek and that make me giggle every time I read them. I decided put links to all of them into one post just for fun.

I hope you get a laugh or maybe a smile from one or more of these. I know I had fun writing them!

Excuse me while I “strategically” pound you into paste! [My rant about silly corporate buzzwords and their overuse]

And the golden doofus goes to . . . [the “awards” communicators would like to give out if they could get away with it]

Business book titles are dumb [I expound on a handful of actual business book titles and how ridiculous they sound]

If communicators used grade-schoolers as role-models [if communicators approached their work with the innocence – and good sense! – of children, how would that change how we do our work? Hee!]

If communicators used a checklist for work in-take [One of my perennial favourite posts – in some of my jobs, this has been far closer to truth than hyperbole!]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog . . . [A couple of my past posts included REALLY BAD poetry, which is good for a laugh. This is a reaction to another communicator’s rant about their crazy environment]

Ode to a Communicator [another of my very bad poems about being a communicator]

Memo to business unit partners from the corporate communicator [And yet another rant about the weird life of a communicator – Hey! Why do you think I STARTED this blog?! ;-)]

There they are – my favourite posts that make me laugh. I hope they make you lauch too.


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