Posted by: Kristen Ridley | November 10, 2013

Remember, but also act!

PoppyI was deeply saddened to hear on this week’s Rick Mercer Rant, that our government is shafting our veterans. I have therefore sent the below message by email to my member of parliament, and an abbreviated version [as the PM’s website limits messages to only 2,000 characters] to Prime Minister Harper. I share it here as my way to honour Remembrance Day, and let our veterans know that we not only remember, but support them.

Mr.        ,

You are my MP, and I am therefore addressing to you my outrage about the recent treatment of our veterans by your party as the current government.

I was distressed enough hearing about the government closing veterans affairs offices and forcing our veterans – many of whom are elderly, and may or may not be computer literate – to use only online resources to obtain information or assistance. That is a terribly disrespectful way to treat men and women to whom all Canadians owe an enormous debt of gratitude.

But when I learned this week that the government is removing veterans with medical issues from service just before they would be eligible for their fully indexed pensions – which they must serve 10 years to earn – to avoid having to provide those pensions, I was truly disgusted! Particularly when members of the government are eligible for THEIR fully indexed pensions after only six years of service, the current government, and YOU, Mr.        , as their representative in this riding, should be ashamed! Can you truly look your constituents in the eyes and state that your work is more deserving of a full pension than our service people, who’s jobs involve risking their lives, and being away from their families much of the time to represent and protect all of us in foreign and dangerous places?!

I am a Canadian who has had the good fortune to have lived her entire life free from any personal experience of war. I am eternally grateful to our veterans, whom we owe not only our thanks and respect for the service and sacrifices they have made to give us at home that safety and peace, but the proper and deserved financial and medical support they require as a result of that service. To do anything less is an injustice and a shameful embarassment to all Canadians.

Mr.          , I tell you this in the strongest possible terms – I want the government to do the right thing for our service people! As a citizen, as a taxpayer, and simply as a decent human being – I ask you to provide to our service people the benefits to which they are entitled! To do anything less is a disgrace, particularly as we celebrate Remembrance Day. I want to assure you – as well as Prime Minister Harper, to whom I will also be sending this message – that in addition to remembering our service people on November 11th, I intend to remember what happens with this issue when next I cast a vote for the federal government.


Should you wish to send your own message to your MP and I hope you will, and in case you don’t have his or her email address handy, here is the link to Find Your MP .


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