Posted by: Kristen Ridley | July 19, 2017

Connecting dots – Communication & Life

The – to say the least – unusual environment we are currently living in, both politically and otherwise, has really been yet another reminder that communication has never been more relevant and important. As a writer and communicator, this makes me happy, and depresses me [in empathy for those who are less effective communicators] in equal measure.

There are weeks when I literally have to ban myself from social media because I feel like my head might explode from the crazy stuff that people will say – and, worse, BELIEVE – just because somebody Tweeted it – and I’m not just talking about “you-know-who”.

I alternate between removing myself from the online world, and trying to have thoughtful, respectful conversations with people who have differing opinions from mine. It’s a challenge, but I continue to believe that – continuing to talk to each other, even, heck, ESPECIALLY when we disagree, is the only way that humanity will survive. So I keep trying, even when it doesn’t go well.

And this experience reminds me of why I love being a communications person so very much. That desire, that NEED to connect with other people, to learn new things, to share ideas, to help people find information they want and need, it’s a very cool thing. My LinkedIn profile tells people that “I love what I do, and can’t imagine wanting to do anything else” and that is completely true. When I realized years ago that communicating with other people was actually a job that you could get paid for, it was pretty exciting! One of the things I’m really good at can be the thing I spend my days working to get better at? Sign me up!

And being a communicator is something I take seriously and continue working to be better at. That drive to always be learning and improving my ability to support my company and the people who are my customers or clients, whether that be external or with employees, it keeps me excited and engaged, and thrilled to hit my desk every day.

Right now I am between jobs, so job-search communications are my main form of using my skills as I look for the next right place to use my skills. But reminding myself daily that good communication isn’t just helpful or important – but critical to helping others, whether that be in my next job [hopefully soon!] or in the larger world, that’s what keeps me focused and positive as the job-search continues.

Here’s hoping that your communications will always be thoughtful, respectful and result in better connections between you and the people you connect with!


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